Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Let's face it ladies, no one wants to wear makeup everyday. Most of the time, I choose to wear some sort of makeup. Be it, lip gloss, lipstick,mascara or just MSF (MAC's mineralized skin finish). Though I do not need makeup to look polished. A lot of the time,I wear it anyways. I love it so! Now since I have great skin to begin with, I choose to skip on the foundations for the most part and use a tad bit of finishing powder in order to keep the little oiliness at bay. So, you want to have a fresh face without all of the extras? I recommend trying a tinted moisturizer and a nice pale toned splash of color for the lips. In the below photo I am wearing a tinted moisturizer and a simple peachy nude lip. And of course the brows are groomed! That is a must! Peep below photo!

Thanks for reading beauties! <3

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