Sunday, January 15, 2012

BLACK LIPSTICK?????...............

OOOOOhhhhh But you can! Take a risk. With the right amount of confidence and the right event, you're sure to stand out with your black lip. Now there is something very sexy, and mysterious about a black lip. You'll definitely stand out! For me the perfect black lip should be offset by a bold color on the eye. Beware though, this look is not for the faint of heart, and you definitely want to make sure that it is worn at night. Also, try to pick an ensemble with less black as possible, you want the lip to stand out ;-) Below are a few photos of the look that I came up with. Now you can def calm down the look with a more neutral eye, but why would you? That's so Booooooring. I chose to go with a black/yellow smoked out  eye. This particular look was inspired by a song that I just happened to be listening to at the time "Wiz Khalifa, Black & Yellow" I just went with it LOL. Check for the Video after the jump. Toodles Beauties! MWAHHHHHZzzzz

Products used: I used a random black lip pencil (any brand will do), I simply lined the lips with the pencil and filled it in. (be sure to moisturize the lips with a lip balm or whatever you moisturize with.The lips must be totally smooth.(the black will exaggerate every nook and cranny in the lip LOL) Over the top of the lip pencil I used the Makeup Forever's Aqua Cream in 01. It is a black sort of shimmery looking finish. It is actually a creamy eyeshadow, that can also be used on the lip as well. Check out the photos below:

The same look with a neutral lip:-)

Makeup Forever Aqua Cream

My Inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wiz Khalifa (Old song but I'm still banging it LOL)

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