Monday, January 23, 2012

Faux "Spider" Lashes

Ok Ladies......... BIG lashes are a big trend right now. They bring tons of attention to the eyes. Honestly, I am not big on false lashes, because of the fact that I was born with already full thick lashes. The only time I have worn false lashes was for prom. Even then I can remember snatching them off before I even left the house. With anything makeup, my advice is if it isn't broke, don't fix it. Lashes is a step that is NOT always necessary. Yes they look awesome photographed, but in person, they can sometimes be a bit much. (If not applied correctly) And remember ladies a little mascara goes a long way!  In my opinion, if not done right lashes can appear a little too "made-up" But for those of you who would prefer to bring more attention to the eyes, what better way than with false lashes! Remember you have the choice between individuals, and strips. Most people choose 'individuals' due to the longevity of them. With strips being a lot less time consuming. Here are a few tips for you beauties when wearing falsies. Check for photos of me with a pair of "spider lashes" on! Not bad, but right after the photo I removed them :-(.

The point is to make people think that they're yours ;-) Don't do too much :-(
Keep them looking as natural as possible
Do not apply on bottom lash (like are you serious)
If you look as if you're about to fly away, lose the lashes
Stick with the natural color of your lashes
No stones, glitter, feathers (Unless it's for a photo shoot)
Do not wear lashes everyday(you'll lose your real ones)
Lashes that are too heavy will weight down the eyelids(Can you say droopy eyes UUUUGGGHHH)
Please do not double up on the packs of lashes you put on the lids
Wear lashes according to your eyes size and shape
Split the lashes in half for a more natural look
Do not use glue that has a strong smell, chances are it's too strong for the eye area


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