Wednesday, January 11, 2012


OK. So one of the first things one notices about you are the eyes and smile. It is important to maintain both white teeth and clear white eyes,'sclerae', (the medical term for the whites of your eyes). For some, this is a major issue. Let's for one second assume that you have no major health problems, i. e (Jaundice, which is caused by a direct problem with the liver). In which case needs to be taken seriously. If you have cause for any concern, contact your health care provider asap. On a lighter note ;-) Check out a few suggestions to keep those teeth and eyes appearing whiter and brighter!

YELLOW EYES (Check out the list of suggestions below)
* Get more rest (Lack of sleep can also cause the eyes to be blood shot RED
* Improve liver function by avoiding alcohol and refined sugars
* Try a fruit juice detox
* Water ( i know cliche' right, but it helps
* Exercise daily ( if you are overweight in puts alot of stress on your liver, which can cause liver damage)
* Use a blue, or blue based black kohl liner to make the whites of your eyes appear whiter. (It will offset the      yellow tent in the eyeballs)
* Blue mascara
* Dab a shimmery white shadow in the inner corners of your eyes

YELLOW TEETH: (Check out the list of suggestions below)
* Coffee overtime causes stained teeth. Drink less, and be sure to brush after each serving.
* Brush with a baking soda peroxide mix (1 part baking soda, one part peroxide)
* Whitening strips ( my favorite brand happens to be colgate)
* Wearing lipsticks with blue undertones. (stay away from yellow/orange tones)
* Avoid white clothing
* Tanning, darker skin makes the teeth appear whiter (or try your favorite bronzer)
* Silver jewelry( steer clear of gold)
* Eat the right foods, for example cheese, broccoli, apples, carrots,oranges, and celery will get rid of any bacteria forming on the teeth.

Hope this helps! If you guys have any other suggestions feel free to list them below in the comment box. Thanks for reading. Toodles~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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