Monday, January 16, 2012

Ombre Lipsssss! How to........

Ok Ladies, and gents! For those of you who may not know what "Ombre" is. Ombre is actually a French word meaning shade or shadow. Also known as dip dyeing , color bleeding, or gradated dying. It is an effect that is usually achieved by hand dipping fabric in a dye, so that it gradually goes from light to dark. Or sometimes from one color to another. (Think Tye-dye) True ombre is not as easy as it may look. Many professionals find the trend hard to duplicate. Although for the past year or so ombre style clothing, hair, and makeup has been appearing all over runways and fashion magazines. So me being the risk-taker that I am, I decided to give it a go! I used two blue shades, a royal blue and a soft metallic sky blue. It worked on my first attempt ;-) YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEE! OK enough of all of that. Check the pictures below.

*Be sure to use 2 colors that are in the same family such as:
Directions: Take the darker color and fully line the outer parts of your lips. Press your lips together, creating an ombre effect. Take the lighter color and place it in the inner portion of your lips, where the darker color failed to transfer. You may have to tweek(did I just say "tweek", yeah I did. For lack of a better word LOL) it a bit, to get the total effect that your'e looking for. Add gloss to the inner portion to give you the perfect pout!
You can also use a color, gradating from a lighter version of that color to a darker one. I.e A deep Royal blue to a light sky blue. (As I did in the above photo's)
Try it for yourself Beauties! <3
An example of ombre hair below:
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