Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What is a Statement Piece???

A statement piece is just that, a piece that's meant to make a statement. The problem with that is, whether or not the people will get it or NOT! The statement your trying to make, that is. We often are mislead to think that statement pieces has to be bulky and big. Big misconception. A statement piece is meant to reflect your personal personality, or maybe just the mood your in that day. It can be a watch, necklace,handbag,scarf etc. Below are a few tips to ensure that when you do decide to make a statement with your 'piece' of choice, that you make that statement loud,clear and gracefully. I've seen a few major #FAILS#

* Be sure that the statement piece fits your personal style. Do not choose to rock a statement piece just because you may see others wearing it, it's in trend, or just because you like it. That statement piece may not like you back! Choose within your own personal comfort zone.

* The piece is called a "statement" piece for a reason. Let that one piece do all the talking. Everything else should be on hush mode LoL.

* If in fact your statement piece does fit into the big and bulky category, I.e (a necklace like the one in the below photo) which happens to be one of my favorite statement pieces, be careful not to pair it with any more jewelry. With the exception of maybe, a nice pair of small studded earrings.
Thank you for reading. And remember, a statement piece, is only a statement piece if it makes a statement! Everything does not qualify! Toodles~~~~~

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