Thursday, January 12, 2012

Foundation, Makeup or Not??????

..................NOT! Contrary to popular belief, foundation is not considered "makeup" in my opinion. (Most just may disagree, but who cares it's my blog). Foundation is just what it sounds like "foundation". It's meant to perfect the foundation of your face. It is not intended to "make" you up. It is in fact intended to give the illusion of a perfect looking face for those in need of a bit of coverage. Does it make you look better? Of course. In terms of masking imperfections. Does it make you look like a complete different person. No! Since when have you seen someone with a bare face and not recognize them, simply because they didn't have on foundation? We are born with features that God blessed us with. Foundation does not change that. If it did plastic surgeons would be out of business now wouldn't they? I mean, why pay hundreds of thousands, when you could just buy a new face in the form of foundation for thousands less? It is foundation. Not a magic wand. What do you base beauty on? The condition of the skin, or facial features? Maybe a combination of the two? Regardless, foundation is that small step that brings focus to the big picture. Your overall look! I never really hear people complain about wanting to buy a new layer of skin. I do in fact hear quite often when people are asked, what would you change about your face. People will more than likely say my nose,small eyes, tiny lips, even teeth. So why does "makeup" wearers get more flack about "makeup" and I quote. When plastic surgery is more accepted and less frowned upon in many cases. Some of the same people whom curse the art of "makeup" are the main ones purchasing body parts, like I purchase shoes. SMH. Take this for instance. You can take two women bare faced and compare them on a scale from one to ten. You can then perfect the complexion of the same two women and nine times out of ten, the one who was more attractive before the foundation will be more attractive after. (Again these are my opinions, and it's my blog! Don't agree? Make your own ;-)) If you have skin imperfections I say perfect it. It does not change who you are. The ignorance of people will sometimes make one double guess ones own personal decisions. My pet peeve is to see someone with bad skin bragging about not wearing "makeup" It's like ummmmm ,you should my dear! Smooth out that complexion girl! After all that is the way God intended it. Due to certain diets, harsh weather conditions, and some diseases we are all summoned to many different skin problems. Foundation makes us look natural. With the assumption that it is applied correctly, and not too heavy. Acne scars, hyper pigmentation, eczema, and other skin problems makes the skin appear unnatural. And that is the reason why most people strive to have great even skin, because that is exactly how it is intended to be. I have yet to see someone intentionally trying to ruin their skin. Foundation simply does the same thing as a highly trained dermatologists. Foundation is just a more affordable, and convenient way to get the same results. So, ask yourself this. Are the people who invest in a dermatologist simply "waiting for superman" (waiting for something that they can not and will not ever attain,accomplish or see, something that doesn't exist). Now for me, makeup is considered eye shadow, lipsticks,lip stains, bronzers and so on. There is nothing natural about red lips and blue eyelids! LOL. All in all. I feel as though anything that you can attain naturally ( this varies depending on the person) should not be referred to as makeup. For some, foundation is not needed. And that's fine. To each it's own. We all are trying to bring out the best in everything that we do. So if someone chooses to bring out the best in their personal appearance, by smoothing out their complexion with foundation, which is naturally intended to be smooth anyways. Let them! YOU JUST DO YOU!!!! Love you all <3 Toodles~~~~~~~~~~

PEEP PHOTOS BELOW: (In case your wondering the lighting and flash was different in contrast to the two photos, as a result my complexion on photo 2 appears significantly lighter ;-)
No Foundation(Liquid Liner, must have LOL)

 Foundation (Neutral eye makeup)
Check photo below: Before/ After foundation

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